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This page will be dedicated to my dogs, hereafter refered to as babies!!! Where else can you get undying, loyal love? If you are a dog lover you will understand. (The rest of this page may load SLOW - so be patient!)

This is Moonshine. She is part Chow-part? I have had her almost as long as I have had my husband. She is a great watch dog and a fantastic deterrence from getting out of your car when I'm not home!!! She is also responsible for a massive dog population around here! I finally got her fixed when she was 10 yrs. old because I had to - didn't want anymore puppies!She doesn't like my small dogs much and trys to lead them into the road when given a chance, but can you blame her? She loves to ride in the back of the truck and loves to go to the river. She has been known to kill snakes and moles and just about anything that moves or really gets on her nerves! She loves to play ball, and if no one will play with her she will find a frog and make up her own game! She is also very smart- there are only 2 men that she likes in this world and if you aren't them, look out. She use to like kids, use to let them ride on her back, but as she has gotten older she has lost her patience. Sorta like me I guess! Good thing all my kids are almost grown!

This is Max. He is a Bobbed-tail Fiest.We have had him for close to five years. If you have ever been here, you know that the first thing he does is go and get his ball and DEMAND that all visitors throw it for him! He will play ball 24 hrs. a day! I know that he has wore my arm out on several occasions! Don't let his size fool you - he is King of the Hill around here.

He is also a little camera shy!!

This is Minnie, short for Minnie Pearl, she is part Fiest and part Schnauzer. We got her to keep Max company when he was about 6 months old. They act just like an old married couple! Him acting stupid and her telling him about it! She also hates his favorite past time - whenever someone plays ball with Max, she gets mad and growls at him! ( I guess you guys who talk on the CB can relate to that!)

Looks like a Grandma when she does this!

This is their daughter Gidget. She is, as you can imagine, a spoilt rotten BRAT! She has also been referred to as an ankle bitter! And she had earned that name! She takes after Max as far as liking to play ball. And she enjoys her suppper like Minnie!

Baby Pictures

Baby MaxBaby MinnieMax& Minnie

This is Mutt. One of Moonshine's puppies. He was my husband's dog. He loved to ride in the back of the truck, and his favorite drink was coca cola. He had the prettiest coloring - like a Blue Healer. He is no longer with us because of someone - I won't name any names- that drives a Dodge truck and has a heavy foot. It is a shame that people can't drive on the road and not in my yard.

This is Ugily. Also one of Moonshine's puppies - not from the same litter. He is also no longer with us, although we don't know what happened to him. He was my baby. He was born with a condition that Chows are sometimes born with that made his face break out in blisters and he didn't have any hair on his face for a long time. He thought that he was one of the small dogs and would climb up in my lap. I kept him with me until Max decided he didn't like him anymore and started beating him up.(I told you not to let his size fool you !) Max goes for the jugular vein and locks on - it takes all of us to get him off! So I sent him to live in Tenneesee and eventually he just up and disapeared.

Coming soon... Pictures of Puppies you can have!!