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AKC or CKC ?

I have been asked by a few people what the difference between CKC and AKC are, since we have litters that are registered with both. So I thought I would include some links for the curious and some information so that any buyers will be well informed.


First I would like to say that in my Kennel there is not a difference in the quality of dog. If you look you will see that some AKC and some of the CKC will share a parent. I have several that are double registered.


For instance when I breed Prissy with Bubba - it is a CKC litter. They are excellent quality pups and very pretty with great temperaments. Prissy is double registered. Bubba is CKC - so I can only register them CKC. His parents however are AKC - but his breeder decided not to register the pups AKC - ( It does cost more ). I do however register all my AKC pups AKC.

BUT>>> When I breed Prissy with Jay. They are both double registered and I register the litter AKC. If the new owner wishes they can easily add the CKC registration to their pup.


SO What's The Difference????

1. AKC has been around a lot longer - they recognize 150 breeds.

CKC has only been around for 10 yrs.

2. AKC has dog shows and that is how you get a Champion.

CKC is working on starting shows.

3. CKC is easier to deal with and cost less to register.

But AKC is better recognized and their strict standards are not really a bad thing in my opinion.


YOU DECIDE FOR YOURSELF -                                                   


If you are just looking for a loving companion and a bundle of fun, all my babies fit that criteria!! If you want one to show check out my AKC pups and you may have you a winner! We sell our pups as pets ONLY - we cannot guarantee that they will be show quality or their temperment. We breed only high quality pups and our kennel is more like a Min Pin Play land then anything else!! If you are close we welcome you to come and see our setup. The only cages we have are the ones that we use in the vehicles when we have to take some somewhere. We are constantly working on upgrading our home and land to make the Min Pins more happy. IF the Min Pins aren't Happy NOBODY is Happy!!!!

We will be showing some of our dogs soon ( Next Year or so) right now I am working on getting the grand kids where they can all walk so I don't have to carry them and the dogs!!!


We also recommend feeding Eukanuba or an other high quality dog food along with a vitamin supplement at least for the first year of life. We use NUVET PLUS .


Our Min Pins | Shipping Info | AKC or CKC ? | Contact Us

Available Pups | Min Pin Info | GB Min Pins Home | Past Litters | Health Guarentee


Puppies are  Males $400.00,

Females $500.00 plus shipping.

Unless otherwise stated.



All our pups have their tails cropped,

dew claws removed and their ears cropped by our vet.

Guaranteed to be healthy at the time of purchase.




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