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Past Litters


Shy and Jay's Litter

Whelped 12/6/03

2 females and 2 males




Bond's Prissy and Jay's Pups

Whelped: November 9, 2002 ( Only 1 left)



Annie and Jay's Pups

Whelped: January 17, 2003 (all of these are sold)



Prissy Betty Jo (CANDY) and Jay's Pups

Whelped: February 14, 2003 ( all of these are sold )

This is Suga  at 6 months old

From Candy and Jay


Tanya and Billy's Litter

  Whelped 8/26/04 1 Black Rust Male




Puppies are  Males $400.00,

Females $500.00 plus shipping.

Unless otherwise stated.



All our pups have their tails cropped,

dew claws removed and their ears cropped by our vet.

Guaranteed to be healthy at the time of purchase.


We Feed our dogs a high quality dog food such as Eukanuba and recommend using a vitamins supplement such as NuVet Plus for at least the first year of life. 


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