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Min Pin Info.


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 A little about Min Pins ...


They don't call these babies "KING OF THE TOYS" for nothing. These little dogs have been known to bluff dogs twice their size!


When looking at a Min Pin forget the image of toy dogs as fragile and in need of pampering. This delicate-looking little dog has a constitution of steel and a very playful character!


Animated, playful ( a real ham!), loyal, intelligent, fearless and lovable is the best way to describe these dogs. They make a great watchdog.


Min Pins are definitely a lot of dog in a little body!


The Min Pin is NOT a smaller version of anything, especially the much-larger Doberman Pinscher.

Both may have descended from the German Pinscher, a medium-sized black and tan dog bred to control vermin in the barnyard, but there the relationship ends. The Min Pin reportedly came from crosses with breeds as diverse as the Dachshund and the Italian Greyhound.


So what is the Min Pin? It is a diminutive dog with an elegant way of prancing, a spunky dog with a sense of humor, an energetic dog with a bouncy personality that brightens days, and a loving loyal dog with a protective personality!


Min Pins, in my opinion, make the best house pet. They are lively and bold, always ready to play with a seemingly endless resource of energy, and their sleek coat is easy to care for.


However, they will climb up in a lap for some loving!


The Min Pin is not for everyone.


They get along great with kids that get along with dogs. They can be a fantastic playmate for an energetic child that respects animals. Some Min Pins will walk away from a challenging child but some will get even!


Puppies are  Males $400.00,

Females $500.00 plus shipping.

Unless otherwise stated.



All our pups have their tails cropped,

dew claws removed and their ears cropped by our vet.

Guaranteed to be healthy at the time of purchase.


We Feed our dogs a high quality dog food such as Eukanuba and recommend using a vitamins supplement such as NuVet Plus for at least the first year of life. 


Our Min Pins | Shipping Info | AKC or CKC ? | Contact Us

Available Pups | Min Pin Info | GB Min Pins Home | Past Litters | Health Guarentee




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