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GB Min Pins

18 CR 299

Iuka, MS 38852



Health Guarantee/ Agreement of Purchase


Our puppies/dogs are guaranteed to be healthy at the time of sale. Once an animal

leaves our possession we cannot control the conditions that it is kept under and

cannot guarantee its health except as specifically noted below. No other

guarantees, expressed or implied will be honored. These guarantees are for

health only. We cannot be responsible for the puppy’s temperament, behavior or the

ability to be trained.


All puppies/dogs are guaranteed for 72 hrs. During the 72 hr period, the buyer

may take the puppy/dog to a veterinarian of their choice at their own expense. If

the puppy / dog is said to have a life threating genetic or viral disorder, the buyer

will be given a replacement puppy /dog of equal value upon showing a signed and

dated veterinarian’s statement. If no puppy/ dog is available a full refund for the

price of the dog may be issued at our discretion. We reserve the right to a second

opinion from the veterinarian of our choice before issuing any replacement or



If the buyer chooses not to take the puppy/ dog to a veterinarian in said time and

he/she  becomes sick the buyer will not receive any type of refund, replacement,

or at any time payment for veterinarian bills.


We make no warranty that the purchased puppy/dog is suitable for any use but as

a pet. We are not responsible for any inability of the puppy/dog to be a breed dog

or a show dog.


After the time of purchase, the buyer is the owner of the puppy/dog and assumes

full responsibility for the maintenance and care of the puppy/dog.


By signing below, the buyer agrees to the terms and conditions listed above.




Signature of buyer:______________________________________

Date of purchase:____________________

Animal Purchased:_________________ Color:___________ Sex:____ Age:___

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