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Whelped 1/15/04



Welcome to Conway's Page! This light red MALE is available for adoption to a good home. He just went today and had his ears done. I will get new pictures up hopefully tomorrow. He was a blonde color when he was born - but I believe he is going to be pure red. He does have a little white on him, I will try to show that in the new pictures. 

Conway's Dam is Esmerelda and his Sire is Jay. Right now he weighs in at   lbs and stands  inches at the withers.

At 15 weeks he is almost housetrained for MY HOUSE ( we use doggy doors) and pretty sweet with people. He does play a little rough with the other Min Pins - but I think that is because he is bigger then the others.

I will take $200.00 for Conway

He is very large for a Min pin about 15 lbs.


Here are some pictures I took today. 4-27-04

Before ears!




He looks so much better with his ears done- they turned out great!

Here are the new pictures. His ears will heal in a few days and will be taped if needed. This was taken 4-28-04



Puppies are  Males $400.00,

Females $500.00 plus shipping.

Unless otherwise stated.


All our pups have their tails cropped,  

dew claws removed and their ears cropped by our vet.

Guaranteed to be healthy at the time of purchase.


We Feed our dogs a high quality dog food such as Eukanuba and recommend using a vitamins supplement such as NuVet Plus for at least the first year of life. 


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